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The dreaded tampo - How to deal with it effectively

The dreaded Filipina tampo! The great sulk. A painful and often confusing situation for an Australian man in a relationship with a lady from the Philippines to deal with. How should you deal with it effectively?

All or most Australian men in Australian Filipina relationships will have had to deal with a tampo (or magtampo) when the Filipina lady is upset about something. Unfortunately facing problems directly and expressing feelings of annoyance, frustration and unhappiness are not the Filipino way. Filipino culture deals with problems by avoiding or denying them. Then the steam builds up into a major explosion. Learn from experience what causes tampo, and how to deal with it effectively and hopefully to put an end to it.

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FilipinaWives is a free website designed to help Australians with their relationships with their wives, husbands, fiancees etc from the Philippines to prevent cross-cultural misunderstandings and understand each other better. Written and produced by Jeff Harvie (the Registered Migration Agent from Down Under Visa) who is an Australian who lives in the Philippines with his wife Mila.

Please note that we are not matchmakers or a dating site, and fully support the letter and principal of Republic Act 6955 and its efforts to protect the dignity of Filipina women.

The articles and videos on FilipinaWives are written from the perspective of Australian men and their Filipina ladies. Please read, watch and enjoy.

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