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Filipina Ladies - Telling the truth or saving the face

In the Philippines you will often find a more flexible approach to telling the straight truth. Why? Usually due to shyness or not wanting to offend or disappoint. Watch and learn.

Australians have a very different approach to the truth, and tend to be blunt and straight to the point. Filipinos are more aware of the repercussions of what they will say, ie. if they will upset someone or if the answer will cause a problem for themselves or for others. They also dislike disappointing others. And shyness is very common. There are no value judgments here. No good guys or bad guys. Just a difference between two cultures.

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FilipinaWives - helping Australians with their relationships with their sweethearts from the Philippines to reduce cross-cultural misunderstandings and to have overall better relationships. Brought to you by the team at Down Under Visa, written and spoken by Jeff Harvie (the Registered Migration Agent from Down Under Visa) who is an Australian living in the Philippines with his Filipina wife Mila.

Please note that we are not matchmakers or a dating site, and fully support the letter and principal of Republic Act 6955 and its efforts to protect the dignity of Filipina women.

The articles and videos on FilipinaWives are written from the perspective of Australian men and their Filipina ladies. Please read, watch and enjoy.

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