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Bukas na lang! Impulsive Filipinos

Impulsive behaviour, a lack of foresight, and a live-for-the-moment attitude prevails in the Philippines. It often means that Filipinos can make rash decisions that can make life hard for them in the future, and lead to some sad consequences which can be hard to see when you love and respect Filipino people as many of us do.

Emotions can drive decision-making, and a "bukas na lang" (leave it to tomorrow) attitude, which can be hard to understand. A common Filipino expression is "You are not thinking of your future", which is rarely followed.

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FilipinaWives is a free website designed to help Australians with their relationships with their wives, husbands, fiancees etc from the Philippines to prevent cross-cultural misunderstandings and understand each other better. Written and produced by Jeff Harvie (the Registered Migration Agent from Down Under Visa) who is an Australian who lives in the Philippines with his wife Mila.

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