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Betrayal of trust in the Philippines

Betrayal of trust happens everywhere, and can happen in Philippines often due to cross-cultural misunderstandings. What's unique about betrayal in the Philippines?

Being betrayed by those whom you absolutely trusted in the Philippines? Betrayal of trust? A bit of a black subject, but one that’s worth discussing as it does happen. If you are in an Australian Filipina relationship, you had better be prepared. And no, this isn’t one of those “nasty Filipinos, yet I still live here” articles which I detest! Not at all. Love the country, love the people! And it happens everywhere in the world, of course. I’m sure you’ve also been lied-to, conned, ripped-off or had your heart broken in Australia by fair-skinned Anglo Saxons before, right? I know I have. But I think I’ve always been better-prepared to fend off betrayals because it’s one Australian against another. We understand each other, whereas in the Philippines there are cross-cultural differences which can cause a lot of confusion and therefore make you more vulnerable.

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